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Welcome to Westboro Little League and Softball

Registrations are now open for select Spring 2018 baseball and softball programs.


The Westborough Little League and Softball, Inc. Annual Meeting will take place on November 2nd at 7pm at the Westborough Senior Center (one Rogers Road, Westborough, MA).  The agenda for the Annual Meeting is as follows:

  • Review 2017 Spring, Summer, and Fall baseball & softball programs
  • The league Treasurer will deliver financial report to the league members
  • Election of 2018 Board Officers

While the meeting is open to the general public, only Members in good standing are eligible to vote on league matters. ('member' is defined as any parent volunteer who has a valid Little League Volunteer Informational card on file with WLL&S (a.k.a. has sucessfully undergone the CORI background check)).


If you have questions about the League operations, please contact either Bree Antonelli (Softball President) or Jason Pisciotta (Baseball President). Their contact information can be found on the "Board Members" tab above. All other questions about the organization can be directed to  
, President of Westboro Little League & Softball.


Below are the list of the Calendar Raffle Winners by date.  Winners will be contacted directly through the contact inforamtion provided on their ticket. 

July 25th UPDATE:  All checks have been distributed to winners. Keep an eye out in your mailbox!

JUNE 1 ($100) - Maureen LaCroix (Plymouth, MA)

JUNE 2 ($100) - Karolyn Clausen (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 3 ($250) - Ty Sheperd (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 4 ($250) - William Cespedes (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 5 ($100) - Steve Young (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 6 ($100) - Patrice Didier (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 7 ($100) - Steven Hanlon (Hanover, MA)

JUNE 8 ($100) - Earl Wood (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 9 ($100) - David Russell (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 10 ($250) - Lori Brady (Springfield, MA)

JUNE 11 ($250) -Pradeep shenoy (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 12 ($100) - Julie Taranto (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 13 ($100) - Adam Noseworthy (Barre, MA)

JUNE 14 ($100) - Janice Eldridge (Nantucket, MA)

JUNE 15 ($100) - Ged Rice (Wayland, MA)

JUNE 16 ($100) - Christine Proffitt (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 17 ($250) - Nancy Ferolito (Waltham, MA)

JUNE 18 ($1000) - James Hlawek (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 19 ($100) - Matthew Pascarella (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 20 ($100) - Bonnie Wu (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 21 ($100) - Becky Schrumm (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 22 ($100) - Janet Corrado (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 23 ($100) - Julie Taranto (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 24 ($250) - Al Lizotte (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 25 ($250) - Diana Mardile (spelling might be incorrect?) (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 26 ($100) - David Lapan (Manchaug, MA)

JUNE 27 ($100) - Brian Levine (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 28 ($100) - April Rogers (West Boylston, MA)

JUNE 29 ($100) - Safeena Khatoon (Westborough, MA)

JUNE 30 ($100) - Kaylie Doherty (Westborough, MA) 






Westborough 7/8 year old Hopkinton Sizzler team (2nd place finishers!)  Congrats Boys!2017 Major League Champions - Civic Club
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